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    Front-end / Full Stack Developer in growing start-up at Oliasoft (Oslo, Norway)
    Oliasoft Employer
    Oslo, Norway
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Oslo, Norway

    Job Description:

    We are looking for talented front-end /full stack developers to join our growing team in Oslo. In Oliasoft you will be working with one of Norway’s most interesting and innovative technology start-ups within the oil and energy sector.

    If you want to participate in the development of a unique software with a highly skilled and motivated team and want to be a part of an innovative tech company, we’d love to hear from you!

    Oliasoft is building the next generation engineering software for the oil industry, with rich interactive 2D and 3D user interfaces, making use of highly performant simulation engines (CFD, FEM etc.). In addition we also want everything to look beautiful, snappy and fun to use.

    Our software is delivered as a cloud based software, with our front-end being React based SPAs/PWAs in the browser and JSON REST based APIs. Behind the scenes, we combine our front-ends with highly performant simulation engines running server side in the cloud. We are very diverse as far as development equipment goes; we have developers on Windows, Macs and Linux.

    What you will be doing:

    • Mostly front-end work (Javascript, React, Redux, Three.js, D3.js)

    • Writing calculation and simulation engines that can both run client-side and server-side (in Node.js)

    • Depending on your background we may also appreciate some help with lower-level high-performance numerical code (C/C++,C#, Matlab/R/Numpy/Octave/Julia), or devops (build- and deploy pipelines, Gitlab, Webpack/Babel)

    What we are looking for:

    • Know HTML, CSS (Sass/Less), and JavaScript by heart

    • Experience with at least one JavaScript framework (JQuery, ANgularJS 1.x/2.x, REact, Knockout, Backbone etc.)

    • Familiar with industry-standard tools (Git, Npm, Bash, Lint, Mocha etc.) and development methods (TDD, CD/CI, Scrum etc.)

    • Experience with any of these is a plus: D3, Three.js, Shaders (VS/PS), WebGL

    • Be curious by nature

    What we offer:

    • Opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting Norwegian software companies creating revolutionary software for the oil industry

    • Highly proactive and creative colleagues that are passionate about technology, programing and engineering, wanting to build the best product possible

    • Computer of your choice (e.g. 5K/4K screen+computer. Our devs use Windows, Macs and Linux setups, typically with at least two 4K monitors each)

    • Competitive compensation and benefits

    • Small team - possibility to really make an impact

    • Relaxed and flexible working environment

    • Nice office centrally located at Skøyen, Oslo


    Flexible Hours
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