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    Front-end Developer at Entando (Rome, Italy)
    Entando Employer
    Rome, Italy
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    Job Location
    Full Time
    Rome, Italy

    Job Description:

    Our team is thrilled to announce that we are looking for passionate Front end javascript developers of all levels (junior, mid, and senior) to join the Entando professional services team. This position is in Rome, Italy. 

    You will be joining a high caliber group of developers, designers and research specialists. A team entrusted with the research and development of the latest technologies, the coolest gadgets and most engaging UI's. A team that is committed to solving some of the biggest software challenges, tackle some of the most advanced concepts and who are willing to laugh, learn, love and enjoy the experience along the way.

    This position is in Rome, Italy. You'll be helping Entando customers in Rome and beyond develop modern web applications using the Entando platform.

    If you are an enthusiastic, intelligent, technology driven, rigorous, team oriented, agile-ready, open source loving, coffee lover... we want to hear from you.


    • 3+ years development experience

    • Knowledge of frontend technologies including JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5, Bootstrap

    • Experience with JavaScript build tools (e.g. npm)

    • Experience with React or other ES2016 framework

    • Experience with SASS and Redux

    • Experience developing and delivering web applications

    • Experience with responsive web design techniques / mobile first approach

    • Experience with webpack

    • Experience delivering on customer projects and working against customer requirements

    • Comfortable with distributed version control (Git and Github)

    • Fluent spoken and written English communication skills

    We’ll be especially impressed if you have

      • Experience with RESTful JSON APIs

      • Experience with Scrum and Agile practices, automated testing, continuous integration builds

      • Experience with SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, other RDBMS)

      • Experience with containers and containerizing node applications (Docker or other)

      • Knowledge of UX design best practices

      • Knowledge of web accessibility best practices

      • Knowledge of object oriented design principles

      • Knowledge of design patterns

      • Knowledge of Node.js

      • Knowledge of Maven


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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