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    Front End Developer - Angular at Micromass UK Ltd - Waters Corporation (Wilmslow, UK)
    Micromass UK Ltd - Waters Corporation Employer
    Wilmslow, UK
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    Full Time
    Wilmslow, UK

    Job Description:


    We are looking for a Front End Angular developer to join a team creating scientific software for a wide range of end-user types from highly experienced research scientists through to lab administration, junior analyst and clinician.

    As a front end developer, you must be passionate about all things UI; striving for simplicity and focus where there has been complexity and confusion. You will be happy to work with a designer to create solutions for new and existing products. Specifically focused on instrument development projects, this area of our business is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.

    This is an opportunity for you to explore/practice with a wide variety of software technologies and analytical instrumentation. We work in a highly supportive environment where mentoring, coaching and training is provided throughout your career.


    • To work in a collaborative environment to influence the team with user-focussed thinking.

    • To work closely with other members of the development teams in UI design and development.

    • To coordinate with other UX & design representatives along with key stakeholders.

    • To stay up-to-date with developments and techniques related to client-side solution development.

    • To provide code and supporting documentation in accordance with the Software Development Processes and codes of practice.

    • To give software and technical support to internal and external users where appropriate.

    • To participate in instrument and system architectural design and systems engineering.

    • To lead small projects under minimal guidance from others.


    • Degree (or equivalent) in a science, engineering or computing related subject.

    • Experience in JavaScript, Angular, AngularJS.

    • Experience in NodeJS would be an advantage.

    • A passion for implementing excellence and a thorough understanding of the craft.

    • Experience with interaction design principles. Preferably designing for a range of platforms.

    • Experience working in an Agile environment.

    • Experience working across functions and closely with teams.

    • Strong communication skills.


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