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    FinTech Backend Dev (Java or similar preferred) at Grassbridge Recruiting (San Francisco, CA)
    Grassbridge Recruiting Employer
    San Francisco, CA
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    San Francisco, CA

    Job Description:

    Backend Engineer

    This is an opportunity to work for one of the hottest financial technology start-ups. We are founded by a world-class team with decades of experience in international payments. Our mission is to change the legacy financial payment system through innovation. We are backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Asia.

    Daily Responsibilities 

    • Be part of an Agile team.  Work closely with a team of FE, BE, QE and Product Managers on a daily basis.
    • Voice your opinion, collaboratively come up with a decision as a team.  Be held accountable as a team.
    • Work with Architects to design & code new features for our expanding business.
    • Document your technical design and approach.
    • Write integration tests. (BE, QE)  Write unit tests (FE).
    • Perform code reviews inter- & intra-Agile teams.
    • Evolve & expand a modern SOA distributed platform that is processing several $100M USD annually.


    • Java (will consider Kotlin, Scala & Go engineers)
      • Designing & scaling REST APIs in a distributed SOA system,
      • Building consumer-facing apps (web or mobile) that scale,
      • MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle
      • AWS or other Cloud platforms

    Bonus: experience in SpringBoot, Redis & Cassandra

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