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    Fashion+Big Data Startup looking for Python Engineer, Madrid at StyleSage (Madrid, Spain)
    StyleSage Employer
    Madrid, Spain
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Madrid, Spain

    Job Description:

    StyleSage is a venture-backed fashion tech startup that creates cutting edge innovation in the data and fashion space. As graduates from Techstars, the world's #1 startup accelerator, we are looking for a motivated backend engineer to join our product team in Madrid, Spain.

    We are looking for a motivated Python/Full Stack engineer to join our Backend team in Madrid, Spain. Some interesting things about our architecture:

    • Our backend extracts and analyses more than 400 million products in E-Commerce websites around the world every day. And adding 1-2M more every week.

    • We have developed automatic tools to detect changes in all of these websites in real time. This is why the quality of our data is one of the bests in the industry.

    • In addition to that, we have a lot of internal tools to monitor our sytem and we are improving them constantly. Always using the right technology for every challenge (and sometimes this means to learn how to use it from scratch).

    • We are adding new data sources constantly, based on our clients feedback and the business team crazy ideas. For example, we are analysing Newsletters, Coupons codes, Social Networks, Google Trends and screenshots from the E-Commerce websites that we collect every day.

    If you are interested in one part of our architecture, or in all of them, want to learn new things, work with a small but highly talented team and you can communicate using only Gifs, please, contact us. We will be happy to know more about you.

    Please understand that, as a startup, we are not able to sponsor Visas or work permits for the EU. We accept applicants only from Madrid.

    Your Skills

    • Mid-High level in Python.

    • Mid-High level in Django or Flask.

    • Same experience with SQL databases like PostgreSQL.

    Bonus Points

    • Experience with Scrapy or any other web crawling framework.

    • Experience with No SQL databases like MongoDB and Redis.

    • Experience with Celery.

    • Experience with AWS and/or Lambda functions.

    What we offer

    • 23 days of paid holidays.

    • Remote work allowed sometimes but not always.

    • Monday Bananas. Every week, a team member prepares a training talk for the rest of the company, related with a new technology or any other thing that could be interesting.

    • Continuous improvements and learning. There is budget for books, courses, events... Your professional growth is very important for us.

    • Crazy Fridays. If is possible, we try to save our fridays to try new things or investigate new technologies.

    • Talks and meetups. Feel free to assist to any talk or meetup that you consider interesting for you or the company. In addition to that, our cofounders encourage us to give talks and trainings in events, using working hours to prepare them. Of course, all your spends are on our side.

    • Annual retreat. We try to have a one time per year retreat for all the company, including US and Spain teams.

    • Regular company events. Dinners, beers, other activities... We try to have regular company events and not always because we have something to celebrate.

    • Free fruit and coffee.

    About the process

    1. First step is a 30 minutes remote talk (hangout or skype) to meet you and introduce ourselves, the company and give you more details about the position.

    2. Second step is a small technical test to do at home. When you finish it, we will invite you to our offices to discuss the solution. The main goal of the test is see how you think and how you solve the problems. In addition to that, we will have the opportunity to introduce you the rest of the team and give you more details about our product and your future job as well.

    3. Finally, one last talk with our CTO to discuss final conditions and the starting date.


    Flexible Hours
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