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    Embedded Software Engineer (Linux-based OS) at Veniam (Porto, Portugal)
    Veniam Employer
    Porto, Portugal
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    Full Time
    Porto, Portugal

    Job Description:

    About Your Role

    As an Embedded Software Engineer at Veniam you will develop high-performance embedded software applications, that build up to create a vehicle operating system. Your work deliverables will be part of the services that enable thousands of vehicles deployed over multiple networks to move massive amounts of data between them and the Cloud with the right level of QoS and security.

    Primary Responsibilities

    • Develop high-performance, secure, low-latency, and automotive-grade software on top of Linux-based operating systems that will run in different hardware platforms and reference architectures;

    • Research, learn and apply coding best practices, enabling the creation of high standard Embedded Platform Software;

    • Collaborate with the Cloud and Data teams to provide high-performance Embedded Platform components to Veniam internal and external users, partners and customers;

    • Understand the importance and impact to customers and partners of reported issues in the Embedded Platform components;

    • Iterate rapidly on top of low and high detail requirement sets;

    • Investigate the source of reported issues, collaborating with the full-stack engineering team when required.

    Technical Requirements

    • 3+ years experience with C/C++ programming;

    • Experience with POSIX threading related mechanism;

    • Good understanding of the IP stack, and TCP/UDP networking;

    • Good understanding of algorithms and data structures;

    • Experience in at least one high-level scripting language (e.g. Python).

    Qualifications and Other Requirements

    • Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science;

    • Plus for experience in Linux kernel, including troubleshooting, device drivers development, user-space kernel interaction, memory management, others;

    • Plus for experience in developing software under Automotive standards (A-SPICE, ISO-26262, MISRA-C).


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