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    Embedded Software Engineer at Cambridge Consultants (Cambridge, UK)
    Cambridge Consultants Employer
    Cambridge, UK
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    Full Time
    Cambridge, UK

    Job Description:

    Cambridge Consultants creates exciting and novel breakthroughs in technology and products. We help our clients achieve the kind of game-changing leap forward that will transform their whole business.

    At the heart of what we do are talented and motivated software teams empowered to create cutting edge technologies and systems to solve difficult problems for our clients.

    Examples of our work

    The breadth of what we’ve achieved is such that our work has touched most people’s lives in one way or another, from the best-before date printed on the eggs that made your omelette to the Bluetooth chip that lets your phone connect with your car.

    Here are just five of the many breakthroughs powered by the software developed at Cambridge Consultants.

    • Robot Communications

    Our breakthrough in 4G radio design enabled online retailer Ocado to create the most advanced automated warehouses in the world.

    • Satellite Communications

    Our world first with Iridium Communications lets rescue workers in remote locations keep in touch using the latest satellite phone technology.

    • Wireless Pacemaker

    We helped develop the world’s first wireless powered pacemaker, transferring energy to a leadless electrode using ultrasonic pulses.

    • Smart Insulin Pen

    Our battery-less smart insulin pen and integrated tracker app won an internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award.

    • Aircraft Radio

    The last time you flew anywhere, chances are your pilot was relying on the market-leading ground-to-air radio we developed for Northrop Grumman.

    You will . . .

    • Design and implement software for custom embedded platforms

    • Participate in system architecture design

    • Lead and participate in design reviews and code reviews

    • Work with clients to define requirements

    • Design and develop world firsts

    • See your amazing ideas come to life

    • Grow your own skills and responsibilities

    • Choose the technologies you work with

    • Proactive mentoring and training


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