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    Embedded Software Engineer ADAS Linux / QNX (Madrid OR Barcelona) at Silicon Gears SL (Madrid, Spain)
    Silicon Gears SL Employer
    Madrid, Spain
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    Job Location
    Full Time
    Madrid, Spain

    Job Description:

    Your Role:

    As an Embedded Software Engineer - ADAS Linux / QNX, you will be responsible for integrating a proprietary safety software platform for automated driving (MotionWise - TTTech Auto) into different ECUs. Specifically, you will perform the integration on a POSIX compliant OS (Embedded Linux or QNX), customising the platform according to the project requirements.

    Main Responsibilities:

    • Integrate proprietary software on a QNX or Embedded Linux ADAS platform.

    • Analyse and discuss customer requirements.

    • Work within a multicultural team distributed in several locations (Austria, Germany, Serbia, etc).

    • Create technical documentation.

    • Participate in workshops with customers.

    • Customise/create a QNX or Embedded Linux distribution for a particular ECU.

    • Integrate a driver into a QNX or Embedded Linux distribution.

    • Board bring-up, bootloader set-up, kernel, device tree and root file system tuning.

    Skills to Make the Difference:

    We are looking for a professional with experience in:

    • Real Time Operating Systems compliant with POSIX (specially QNX).

    • Embedded Linux.

    • Embedded C programming.

    • Cross-compiling and cross-debugging.

    • Multiprocessing and multithreading environments.

    • Python scripting.

    • Team-based work tools such as JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket.

    • Git or alternative control version systems.

    • Linux device tree, kernel configuration and driver integration.

    • English fluency.

    We also appreciate experience in:

    • Shell scripting.

    • gPTP protocol.

    • Building a system with Yocto Project.

    • Basic electronics (understanding schematics, usage of oscilloscope and multimeter).

    • Requirement management tools such as PTC Integrity.

    • U-boot bootloader.


    Flexible Hours
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