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    Elixir/Phoenix Full Stack Engineer at Sparta Science (San Francisco, CA)
    Sparta Science Employer
    San Francisco, CA
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    San Francisco, CA

    Job Description:

    We’re looking to add full-stack engineers to our small, collaborative development team. You’d be a great fit if you are comfortable working on both front-end and back-end code, like to pair program all day, like writing your tests first, enjoy constructive dialogue as much as shipping code, and are excited about regularly delivering a product that has an impact. Our app is written in Elixir, which we love because it combines a beautiful, Ruby-like syntax with substantial performance improvements. Working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to learn this cutting-edge language or to improve your existing skills. We use the Phoenix web framework and Elm for the complex parts of our UI.

    We believe in working at a sustainable pace—you’ll typically code for 8 hours each day, and then you’re off to relax, recharge, and refocus. Our office is in SOMA, a 10-minute walk from BART and Caltrain. Due to our emphasis on in-person collaboration, working remotely is not possible for this role.

    What you’ll bring to the table

    • 2+ years of software development experience

    • Desire to work in a full-time pair-programming environment

    • Desire to work on a team that practices TDD

    • Strong interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work well with our team

    • Passion for quality and writing clean, solid, readable code that scales and performs well

    • Passion for improving your skills, tackling interesting work, and solving challenging problems


    • Experience with Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, or Elm

    • Experience with pair programming

    • Experience with TDD

    • Experience with agile/XP software development


    • Competitive salary and equity

    • Health, dental, and vision

    • 401(k)

    • Access to our cutting-edge athletic training facility in Menlo Park


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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