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    Early Career Entry Level Technical Specialist Program at Adevinta (Barcelona, Spain)
    Adevinta Employer
    Barcelona, Spain
    Job Type
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    Full Time
    Barcelona, Spain

    Job Description:

    About the program

    Do you aspire to be a software engineer or data scientist? Whatever your chosen
    pathway, you will be joining a supportive and collaborative learning environment.
    As a person early in your career, you will be mentored by experienced professionals
    who will work closely with you as you learn about the system, learn the tools, and
    try out and implement ideas.

    Enthusiasm and passion will help you build skills and rapidly progress as you contribute to developing
    products and solutions that impact teams across our marketplaces. You will work on a range of
    projects, as well as have opportunities to develop and experiment with ideas that could deliver
    improvements to our framework.

    We are open-minded about where or how you have gained coding experience and the languages you
    have used. What we are looking for are practical hands-on coding or data handling experiences that
    demonstrate your enthusiasm for technology and your potential to progress your career.

    The Positions
    We have three specialist roles available.

    Data Science Role (Barcelona):
    Insights and Analytics is an international team comprised of data scientists, data analysts and
    engineers that develop tools to provide comparative BI from across the organisation to drive decision-
    making at a strategic and local level. We see ourselves as enablers to the wider organisation, working
    as a community and hosting two major data gatherings each year. We work with a range of people
    from business managers to UX to share knowledge, embed frameworks and tools, run workshops,
    formulate hypotheses and design tests to help solve problems.

    Joining as a data scientist, you will learn about our main data stack in a central team. You may also
    second to one of our international marketplaces building relationships and understanding local
    challenges. While on secondment you are likely to be involved in projects using A/B testing, setting up
    dashboard visualisation for decision making and defining metrics for specific product lounges.  You
    should be fluent in English and Spanish.

    Marketplace components – Engagement (Barcelona):
    The team is using natural language processing technologies to improve user experience, increase
    customer engagement, build trust, and protect users through identifying the reliability of others. This
    also functions as a moderation tool to control potential scams.

    Recent projects include rolling out a feature where potential buyers can contact a seller selecting pre-
    defined phrases suited to the context. Joining this team you could continue to build on our use of
    natural language processing, using content analysis to understand the context and state of a
    conversation and build features based on how the conversation is likely to progress.

    Search and Discovery team (Paris):
    A newly formed team based in Paris, Search and Discovery work on components to search and collect
    data to create customer profiles, discover their interests and build products that will align with their

    Joining this team you will work on front-end tasks that will help you understand the system and
    explore our library to build your knowledge. You will undertake experiments with the guidance of a
    senior software engineer mentoring and supporting you. You should be fluent in English and French

    About you
    You may have gained your coding and language experience outside of traditional
    methods. You are able to demonstrate practical hands-on coding or data handling
    experiences which highlight your enthusiasm for technology and your potential to
    progress your career.

    You want a career in a fast-moving, truly international organisation where you can make an impact.

    You are keen to work with people from all over the world, delivering products to people all over theworld.

    You are collaborative and work well in a team–you believe that we can achieve more when we worktogether and learn from each other, from our successes as well as from the things that didn’t go so well.

    You are willing to share your ideas and say what you are thinking, doing this with respect for others,their cultures and their work.

    You are curious, someone who asks a lot of questions and searches for other sources of information to deepen your understanding of a situation, subject or tool.

    You get stuff done–through understanding what needs to be done, working with others, learning and
    taking action.

    You are adaptable and excited by the challenges and opportunities that working in a changing
    environment offers. You are willing to accept new ideas, ways of working and alter direction in
    response to circumstances as they evolve.

    You may not be able to define your long-term career goal today, but you know you want to build strong technical skills and knowledge.
    You want to understand how leading technology works from the inside of an organisation, developing a deep understanding of parts of the system, while learning how the infrastructure fits together to make Adevinta whole.

    Beneficial skills

    • You may have a STEM or non STEM background at degree level

    • You will be able to demonstrate a strong interest in technology or data through your studies and/or extra-curricular activities

    • You will have the intellectual capacity to work with new information and in a constantly

    • changing environment

    • You will be passionate about the impact technology can have on the business and the end user – you will be creating technology that has purpose

    •  Your desire is to co-create technology, not be the sole developer of a piece of code

    • Your curiosity and drive will be reflected in your academic achievement, self-study and/or

    • extra-curricular achievements

    • You will have some ‘real-life’ work experience, gained during an internship, placement,

    • voluntary work or through part-time paid work

    • You must speak and write fluently in English and speak and write fluently in French or Spanish. French and English are a requirement for the Paris-based roles and Spanish and English for Spain-based roles.

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    Skills required:


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