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    Digital Trust Developer at Center 4 Digital Trust (Ecublens, Switzerland)
    Center 4 Digital Trust Employer
    Ecublens, Switzerland
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    Full Time
    Ecublens, Switzerland

    Job Description:

    The Center For Digital Trust ( is part of EPFL ( in Lausanne, Switzerland. EPFL is one of the top-20 universities worldwide with over 10'000 students. At C4DT, we're looking for an engineer (human, 80%-100% workload) to work on open-source projects that increase privacy and make it possible for end-users to regain trust in the digital world. You'll be working on open-source projects that have been developed in one of the 30+ labs ( associated with C4DT, to fit the needs of one of the 12 industrial partners ( of C4DT.

    TLDR: if you prefer lists instead of text:

    Projects and Technology

    The C4DT projects include blockchains, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Software verification, in areas of medical research, insurances, and governments. But not limited to...

    Working at C4DT will bring you in contact with different technologies. Starting from system-level programming in Go of a blockchain, going through more application-level programming in Java or Scala, all the way up to creating simple user interfaces in Typescript or Javascript to demo our projects. All this work is to bring the research-quality software from the labs to a quality high enough for our industrial partners to use it in minimal viable products. And of course you'll be using GitHub for version control, CryptPad to communicate, and Travis for continuous testing. You'll have to teach us continuous integration.

    Day-to-day Work

    Your team lead will make sure that most of your time will be spent programming on the software packages themselves: debugging, adding features, integrating them with the other packages. We try to keep meetings to the needed minimum, but you're always welcome to wander the corridors and visit one of the many conferences at EPFL (, discuss with the colleagues of the other labs, or even organise a small workshop on a topic you're interested in.

    Part of your work is also to train engineers from our partners to use our software, to give support for integrating our packages into their projects, as well as presenting the work you're doing to partners and engineers from other labs.


    Doing the step from the research idea to something that can be used by industries is not easy and involves much more than just programming. You need to be able to imagine the future product and propose solutions to problems posed by our industrial partners. If you succeed to fit the needs of our partners, and to help the labs create better software, then you'll be successful in this job.

    The team

    Our engineering team at C4DT is currently composed of two engineers, but we work regularly hand-in-hand with around 10+ engineers, PhDs and postdocs from other labs, as well as engineers from our industrial partners. Interacting with the other teams is a very important part of the job, as all software developed by C4DT is based on the labs' work.

    Our Recruitment Process

    We aim to reply to all applicants within a week of receiving your application. Our interview process consists of several stages, each one allowing us get to know you better, professionally and technically. It is also an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of our culture and the work we do here at C4DT. The stages include:

    • CV and open source code review

    • Phone Interview - getting to know each other and deciding if you're willing to go through the following step:

    • Code Challenge - we'll give you a problem to solve to understand how you work. You work on your own for 4-8 hours, but in the language we define. Then we'll work together on your code for about 1h.

    • Second phone interview - wrapping up and making sure we're a fit for each other

    To C4DT and beyond

    C4DT is part of EPFL (, so even though C4DT only has a small engineering team, there are plenty of opportunities for growth: the Innovation Park is on the other side of the road of your office and hosts a number of new startups every year, as well as many companies that work together with C4DT or EPFL in general. EPFL itself has new and interesting positions in other centers and labs. Helping you grow into that ecosystem is our pleasure - but please stay for at least 2 years ;)


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