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    DevOps Engineer (m/f) - Join us & return cities to the people at MOIA GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)
    MOIA GmbH Employer
    Hamburg, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Hamburg, Germany

    Job Description:

    We want to hire DevOps Engineers who are passionate and experienced to build excellent foundations for our solutions.

    MOIA is an innovative mobility company that will change people’s lives by re-imagining urban mobility. MOIA will create services that enable more people to move more freely and securely, ultimately making cities better places to live. We will free up the movement of people and goods within cities whilst making mobility accessible to everyone. That means we will: 

    • Make city traffic clean, safe and silent

    • Create more time and space for people

    • Bring affordable and convenient mobility to everybody

    We would be delighted if you were to accompany us on this exciting and challenging journey. We are not only looking for candidates to fill our job vacancies; we want you as a crucial part of our team. Our core competence is passion.

    What you will do

    • Build excellent foundations: design, implement and manage innovative infrastructure solutions that are fit for purpose and are reliable, performant and secure.

    • Communicate effectively: within your team, fellow members of Technology, and your wider stakeholder community.

    • Help us to deliver highly automated infrastructure solutions, write clean code and provide your colleagues with examples of best practice which they can learn from.

    What we expect

    The right person will be comfortable in an “all hands on deck” environment, loves solving problems, is excited to work in high-performance teams and can thrive in a startup culture.

    • Know your ecosystem: experience with Cloud Services (such as AWS), Kubernetes, Serverless and distributed systems.

    • Stressless strong analytical fact discovery and critical thinking skills.

    • Experience in running highly available systems.

    • Coding skills in the language of your choice (Go, Python, Kotlin, Scala, Ruby, Bash).

    • Agile mindset and experience with agile frameworks like Kanban.

    • Bonus points for experience with JVM applications, NoSQL databases and AWS Services like Cognito, IoT, ElastiCache and DynamoDB.

    • A degree in computer science.

    Our work is dedicated to transforming the lives of billions – you will be part of this vision.


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