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    DevOps Engineer (Intermediate OR Advanced Level) at Keysight Technologies (Atlanta, GA)
    Keysight Technologies Employer
    Atlanta, GA
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    Job Location
    Full Time
    Atlanta, GA

    Job Description:

    Keysight is launching a Software Development Center in Atlanta, chartered to create a new generation of software for electronic product design and test by customers around the world. The new center will be located in Atlanta’s growing Midtown district and will feature an open environment to foster collaboration and support an agile software development approach. With its proximity to Georgia Tech, the center will attract top talents graduating from Georgia Tech’s computer science, artificial intelligence and systems programming, and electrical and computer engineering schools. You can join our mission to make a real difference through rapid solution development and deployment, turning measurement science IP into killer apps, on a hardware/OS agnostic, modern C++ foundation, delivered into an always-on, everywhere available, app store ecosystem.

    We are seeking intermediate and advanced level DevOps engineers, to take charge and set up the software development environment to enable Agile innovation and team collaboration. You will assist with the configuration of tools, servers, IDE and test environment to make the lab usable and turnkey. You will work with the developers to enable the team as a whole to be productive and innovative.

    Qualifications : - A Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent field
    - Ability to work effectively within a team and remain cool under stress and to assert leadership amidst chaos
    - Experiences with Windows and Linux platforms
    - Command line experience
    - Build and deploy experience
    - Basic networking experience
    - Basic security experience
    - Git (or other SCM)
    - System scripting (Bash, Batch, Perl, Python or Ruby)
    - Agile practices
    - Continuous Integration (at least an understanding of the process)
    - Developer background
    - Good Communication

    Experience with CI tools and services (Jenkins, Travis, GoCD, etc.)
    Experience with configuration management (Chef, Pupet, Ansible, Salt, etc)
    Experience with virtualization (especially VMware) (AWS, Azure, VMware, etc)
    System monitoring
    Experience with build pipelines


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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