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    DevOps Engineer at Zendesk (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Zendesk Employer
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Job Description:

    As a result of the ongoing success of the Zendesk, we’re now seeking to extend our team of operations engineers in Copenhagen. You will be working with multiple development teams to ensure that features are delivered in a timely and reliable manner to our customers all over the world.

    You will bring even more talent to our operations team in areas like automation and reliability, using the platform and tools on which Zendesk is built, that currently includes Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Elasticsearch and many other fun and exciting technologies.
    We expect you to have good knowledge of Linux systems and how they work; developer skills in a few scripting languages is also a really good thing.

    Your everyday tasks would be

      • Joining engineering standup to sharing ideas and for work alignment

      • You will execute changes to support the products delivered

      • Monitoring and mending the production environment

      • You will participate in planning for the future Zendesk platform

    What you bring to the role

      • You have 2+ years of experience in operations, development and/or system administration

      • A deep understanding of running fleets of applications, perhaps even some knowledge of cluster administration tools

      • Kubernetes and AWS knowledge is a plus, but not a requirement - we can teach you all that.

      • Active interpersonal skills in English

      • Team spirit and ability to deliver are essentials characteristics

    We provide a cosy, friendly and open workspace with fun and interesting colleagues coming from different countries. We support innovation at work, and we’re ready to fuel your career within the organisation.


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