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    DevOps Engineer at Ultra Tendency (Magdeburg, Germany)
    Ultra Tendency Employer
    Magdeburg, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Magdeburg, Germany

    Job Description:

    You are a developer that loves to take a look at infrastructure as well? You are a systems engineer that likes to write code? Ultra Tendency is looking for you! 

    Your Responsibilities:

    • Support our customers and development teams in transitioning capabilities from development and testing to operations

    • Deploy and extend large-scale server clusters for our clients

    • Fine-tune and optimize our clusters to process millions of records every day 

    • Learn something new every day and enjoy solving complex problems

    Job Requirements:

    • You know Linux like the back of your hand

    • You love to automate all the things – SaltStack, Ansible, Terraform and Puppet are your daily business

    • You can write code in Python, Java, Ruby or similar languages.

    • You are driven by high quality standards and attention to detail

    • Understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem and knowledge of Docker is a plus

    We offer:

    • Work with our open-source Big Data gurus, such as our Apache HBase committer and Release Manager

    • Work on the open-source community and become a contributor

    • Learn from open-source enthusiasts which you will find nowhere else in Germany!

    • Work in an English-speaking, international environment

    • Work with cutting edge equipment and tools


    Flexible Hours
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