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    DevOps Engineer at Peakon (København, Denmark)
    Peakon Employer
    København, Denmark
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    Full Time
    København, Denmark

    Job Description:


    Our ideal candidate should have a few years of experience working with AWS and Terraform (or any other type of infrastructure-as-code tool).

    Other services/tools that we would like a candidate to have experience with include: CircleCI, Docker, Git, Heroku, Kubernetes, NewRelic, Node.js, Postgres, Python, Ruby.

    Additionally, the ideal candidate would have experience with the following tasks:

    • High availability Postgres database administration

    • Overseeing the operations of a large scale web application

    • Creating and managing CI/CD pipelines

    • Network design

    • Security best practices

    • Working closely with developers and product teams in an agile environment


    We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our Infrastructure team to help evolve and scale our managed infrastructure platform in an automated and secure way. This includes working along-side the other DevOps Engineers to speed up and streamline the entire CI/CD process. Additionally, we are looking for someone that can write tools to help increase productivity of the software developers.

    You will be working closely with an experienced team of engineers to ensure we choose and implement the right technologies and processes across the team to stay productive and focused on building world-class products for our customers. We take pride in being a nimble team with direct communication where each member is empowered to make changes and fix issues quickly, and our tooling and infrastructure choices reflect that.


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