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    DevOps Engineer at Graphmasters GmbH (Hanover, Germany)
    Graphmasters GmbH Employer
    Hanover, Germany
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    Hanover, Germany

    Job Description:

    Join a passionate team of software engineers in a young, growing international company to help make traffic better for everyone.

    You will have direct impact, responsibility and your success will be visible and important to many people. You will have great opportunities to grow and develop alongside the company.

    Graphmasters is the first provider of collaborative routing and you will get the chance to make it even better, saving even more time for millions of drivers.

    The problems we work on are interesting and hard. We are developing our own distributed graph engine to hold the world's road network and all the real-time traffic for it. We optimise country-wide car fleets, continuously. We process tens of millions of data points every day (help us make that billions!) to build traffic models for the tiniest of streets.

    Theirfore we run hundrets of containers simoustanly using technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Your task would be to create an Architecture which helps the Developers to take the responsibility for their own microservices.

    We primarily use Go and develop small and specific microservices. However, technologies change and we believe in using the right tool for the job. Technologies by themselves are less important to us. We are always keen on experimenting with new ideas and hope that you too enjoy continuously learning and tinkering with the new and unknown.

    Our people have an ownership attitude and take responsibility for their work. Everyone's work has visible impact.

    We are looking for any experience level. If you are just graduating or have been writing software for the last 20 years, we will be happy to have a chat. Our people have different backgrounds (computer science, mathematics, engineering, physics), so don't shy away if you aren't a pure computer scientist.

    It goes without saying that we have flexible work hours and don't really track holidays. Obviously we don't have a dress code and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal.


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