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    DevOps at PeopleDoc (Paris, France)
    PeopleDoc Employer
    Paris, France
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Paris, France

    Job Description:

    1- The context 

    Our R&D departments counts more than 100 engineers, working together to conceive, develop and deploy applications in environments monitored by the SRE team.

    To improve our CI/CD and the quality of our deployments, Peopledoc is looking for a DevOps  who will implement and maintain tools in the production environment and support developers with the usage of new technologies/services (Docker, Vault, Datadog).

    Working in close collaboration with the SRE team, you will be included in the daily life of the teams in order to have the best understanding and work relations.

    2- Scope of the DevOps:

    • Serve developer teams:

      1. - gather the needs of the Tribes (JS, Java, Python) to provide the appropriate solutions and tools. For example: benchmark and implementations of CI/CD solutions.

      2. - support the software engineers in the use of systems and tools

    • Work closely with the security and SRE teams to ensure the compliance of the solutions

    What is the goal ?

    Automate and improve and ease

    1. the deployment application

    2. integration of new services

    for all the teams and be the key interlocutor for this area.

    3- Required Skills:

    • Experience in software development and systems administrations

    • Knowledge of at least one computing language

    • Experience working in production environment

    • Rigorous, good communicator, pedagogue

    • Able to learn new technos

    4- Technical environment :

    • Jenkins or another CI tool

    • Debian/Ubuntu Linux

    • Ansible, Ansible Tower/AWX

    • Docker

    • Kubernetes or another Container Orchestration tools

    • Git, GitHub, GitLab,

    • HashiCorp Vault


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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