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    Developer Technology Engineer - Improve performance of graphics applications! at Imagination Technologies (Kings Langley, UK)
    Imagination Technologies Employer
    Kings Langley, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Kings Langley, UK

    Job Description:

    As a Developer Support Engineer, you will be responsible for supporting a wide range of software developers targeting PowerVR Graphics hardware, primarily top-tier game and middleware developers. You will gain a deep understanding of the PowerVR Graphics architecture, become familiar with current & upcoming rendering techniques, and learn how to apply this knowledge to improve the performance & aesthetics of some of the biggest titles on mobile devices. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to travel, supporting and educating developers around the world.

    You will

  • Implement utilities, create optimized example applications and provide the expertise necessary to ensure a wide variety of graphics applications (such as games, web browsers and navigation software) optimally utilise PowerVR technology.

  • Provide technical support for PowerVR IP customers and top-tier game and middleware developers

  • Work closely with other PowerVR teams to ensure the entire hardware and software stack is optimal

  • Abilities make possibilities
    Committed to making your customers, stakeholders and colleagues successful, you’re an excellent communicator, listener and collaborator who builds trusted partnerships by delivering what you say, when you say. You’re curious, solutions orientated and a world class problem solver who constantly seeks opportunities to innovate and achieve the best possible outcome to the highest imaginable standard.

    You have

  • 1 to 5 years’ experience with 3D graphics: OpenGL, Vulkan or DirectX

  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills

  • Excellent communication, presentation and technical writing skills

  • You might also have

  • Experience with iOS or Android

  • Experience with OpenCL or any other compute language

  • Experience with hardware and platform architectures

  • Interest in video-game technology

  • Until good is better and better is best
    Dare to think big? We’ll encourage you to pursue your passion. We listen, we’re open and we’re honest. Whatever it takes to make an impact, you’ll be respected and helped along the way. 

    Invent the future
    The people at Imagination enable the tech that’s shaping our world, from smart phones to gaming devices, smart TVs to drones. It’s our creative culture that has enabled Imagination to power world-changing electronic products.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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