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    Developer - open access team at Jisc (Bristol, UK)
    Jisc Employer
    Bristol, UK
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    Full Time
    Bristol, UK

    Job Description:

    About the role                                

    As our new developer, you will make a significant contribution to the design, development, implementation and support of Jisc Open Access services (particularly PubRouter, Monitor-Local and Monitor-UK), and other services or new projects. 

    These services play a critical role in the move to open access for academic research publications, in line with UK government policy; as such they are high profile and very well used by academics and others in universities.

    You will make be making a genuine difference for thousands of students/academics across the UK!

    For the full job description, please click here.

    Find out more about the experts you will be working with here.

    About you

    We know that sometimes people can be put off applying for a job if they think they can’t tick every box, but we realise the ‘perfect candidate’ doesn’t exist. So, if you are excited about working for us, and think you can do most of what we are looking for, go ahead and apply. You could be exactly what we need!

    We’re ideally looking for someone who knows:

    • Python or Grails or Angular or JavaScript programming

    • RESTful web services, ideally based on MVC application frameworks

    • N-tier application architectures and cloud infrastructure and/or Linux dev-ops.


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