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    Developer for New Product Development at SITA (The Hague, Netherlands)
    SITA Employer
    The Hague, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    The Hague, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    What are we doing in Ypenburg?

    You will be a part of a team that will be at the centre of any new product development and transformations we do within the Passenger Processing team.

    We now have 50+ in the team and look forward to continued growth in the future. You will work on a global scope and will be part of our ‘global heart’ for our Passenger Processing portfolio.

    If you are excited about working in an environment that is fostering DevOps (including CICD), API, AI, agile development, performance testing, innovation testing and automation, this may be a role for you!

    We are based at the old Ypenburg Airport close to the heart of Den Haag.

    We build a variety of airport self-service solutions (both software and hardware) such as check-in kiosks, self-bag drops and automated gates for security, border control and boarding. We sell globally and have solutions deployed in over 450 airports.

    What makes us special?

    Do you love to travel or enjoy the travel industry? This is an exciting growth industry focused on airlines/Airports and government entities in the aviation industry

    Our customers are leading industry names e.g. KLM and Schiphol Airport, Air India, Emirates, Singapore Airlines

    SITA is innovative and we are a world leader in product development in the aviation industry

    We have huge depth and breadth of top-quality products

    In delivering our solutions, we partner with global leaders like IoT in Azure, Microsoft, AWS and Oracle.

    What tech stacks do we use?

    From a software perspective we are mostly a Microsoft shop, so .NET, Azure and moving into biometrics, computer vision and IOT

    How do we reward our employees

    We offer a comprehensive rewards package including a salary, flexible allowance, bonus, and benefits.

    NB: Note that benefits can change, some have ‘conditions’ and/or may not apply to all employees

    What will the software developer do?

    • First and foremost, developing high-quality software solutions that delight our customers

    • Develop software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development lifecycle

    • Determine operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development and proposed solutions

    • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing the documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.

    • Document system architecture and design choices, with reference to SITA standards.

    • Ensure products developed meet wider SITA product and software development lifecycle requirements

    • Work on software and system optimizations, helping to identify and remove potential performance bottlenecks.

    • Make informed decisions quickly and taking ownership of services and applications at scale

    • Work collaboratively with others to achieve goals

    • Understand business needs and know how to create the tools to manage them. Work with Product Management and Business analysts to ensure product design meets business requirements.

    • Liaise with the broader SITA Product Management, Software Development and Architecture organizations. 

    What are the key skills required for the role?

    • Good experience in C#.Net, Solid Principal , TDD (Unit Testing)

    • Strong English communication skills

    • Nice to have:

      • Cloud deployment and systems management experience: Azure, Kubernetes, Docker

      • .Net Core would be a plus

      • Full Software Development Lifecycle experience in a mature Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery environment, as a developer

      • Front-end Technologies:HTML / CSS

    Skills required:


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