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    Dev Ops Engineer (m/w) at ExB Research & Development GmbH (Leipzig, Germany)
    ExB Research & Development GmbH Employer
    Leipzig, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Leipzig, Germany

    Job Description:

    Your tasks

    • Plan integration into various cloud providers for customer projects

    • Manage deployment of our platform services in those environments

    • Plan, create and run acceptance tests

    • Build and deploy tools to support monitoring and maintenance of our cloud infrastructure

    • Cooperate and communicate with the team that builds the platform


    • Over three years' of professional experience

    • Good English skills (spoken and written)

    • Knowledge of service models such as PaaS, IaaS and CaaS in cloud computing and their individual usage scenarios

    • Strong skills deploying services in cloud providers such as AWS

    • Knowledge of cloud deployment management tools such as Openshift, Kubernetes, Docker

    • Experience with virtualization environments, especially OpenStack

    Desirable qualifications

    • Knowledge of cloud storage technologies such as Ceph, Software Defined Storage (SDS)

    • Experience with non-relational databases such as Apache Cassandra

    • Experience using deployment automation tools such as Ansible or Chef

    • Knowledge on using the Elastic Stack (ELK) for monitoring purposes

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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