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    Data Scientist at Xpand IT (Lisboa, Portugal)
    Xpand IT Employer
    Lisboa, Portugal
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    Full Time
    Lisboa, Portugal

    Job Description:

    At XpandIT, theData Sciencebusiness unitrole is to solve new technological challenges, combining software engineering, statistics, and artificial intelligence expertise. This skillset allows to perform extensive dataanalysestoidentify patterns and behaviours in order to try tosolve challenging and diverse data driven problems.

    Your Role

    As a Data Scientist atXpandIT you’llhave theopportunityto workon real worldproblems insome of the topindustries: Banking, Telecommunications, Retail,amongothers. Yourmissionwill always be to retrieve meaningful insights from data, by applying data science techniques such as predictive modelling, pattern recognition and machine learningto specific problems.

    Your daily activities will include: 

    • Capture, transform and standardize raw data into intelligible and relevant information;

    • Develop data processing softwareinprogramming languages such as Python and R;

    • Research, analyse and implement  state-of-the-art algorithmsin order to make the bestuse of the dataset under analysis;

    • Usepredictive and statistical distributionmodels;

    • Conduct Exploratory Data Analyses and elaborate reports based on it and the logical conclusions.

    Skills you need to have:

    • MSc/BSc in a relevant area with a strong programming foundation;

    • Knowledge of statistics and mathematicalconcepts such as probability theory, distributions, hypothesis testing;

    • Knowledge or experience in machine learning: classification, clustering, feature engineering;

    • Programming skillsin Python/ Rand knowledge of common numerical and machine learning packages (NumPy, SciPy,scikit-learn, pandas,Keras, TensorFlow,PyTorch, PySpark);

    • Knowledge of SQL,data manipulation and visualization techniques;

    • Strong communication skills both in Portuguese and English (written and spoken)

    // Will be a nice plus if you have: 

    • Passion for data and its preparationand conversion (raw -> readable -> feature engineering)

    • Experience in text analytics

    • Team player and problem-solving skills

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