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    Data Scientist at ProntoPro (Milano, Italy)
    ProntoPro Employer
    Milano, Italy
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Milano, Italy

    Job Description:

    Your Role:

    You will become part of a young and growing team and will help us produce insights that will be used to shape the future of professional services and of our company.

    The questions we ask are many and intellectually stimulating:

  • We want to create value for professionals and customers;

  • We want to create the best user experience;

  • We want to optimize the investment of our resources on projects that must have huge impacts.

  • As a member of Business Intelligence team, you will act as data expert within cross-functional squad consisting of product owners, developers, designers, QA analysts and you will:

  • Help them understanding what’s going on;

  • Guide them in using the right information at the right time;

  • Suggest them which data-based solution are out there to reach the goals of the team;

  • … and of course you will be crucial in the implementation of the solution.

  • Some example of the challenge you will address:

  • Maintain, optimize and design demand forecasting models;

  • Optimize and design pricing and dispatching algorithms;

  • Build conversion attribution models;

  • Create and automate synthetic and complete dashboards or operational reports;

  • Ensure that everything is done in the right way whenever an A/B test is involved;

  • Help any colleagues that need some help on data related topic.

  • You Have:

  • 1+ years of experience BUT passion is more important than education! It doesn’t matter if you are still studying;

  • BA/BS degree (mathematics, statistics, computer science and economics with an analytical focus are desirable);

  • The ability to understand business dynamics and translate them into measurable KPI and testable models;

  • Critical spirit, curiosity, intellectual honesty, proactivity and concreteness and you want to use them to find the best answer, having fun learning new things every day;

  • Passion and predisposition to learn and apply new analytical techniques;

  • You are humble and you believe that everyone has something to teach to everyone else.

  • To better integrate into the Team it is important that you have these skills (E = Essential; P = preferable):

  • E-solid knowledge of basic statistics (inference, probability, simulation);

  • E-knowledge and work experience with SQL (MYSQL, PSQL, Redshift);

  • E-knowledge and work experience with statistical libraries / software (R and / or Python);

  • E-experiences in (ALL!!!) some application of Data mining and Predictive analytics techniques (regressions, tree-based algorithms, survival modeling, clustering, time series);

  • E-knowledge of Data Visualization / BI tools (i.e. Tableau, Power BI; plus: passion for open source -Knime, Plotly, Shiny);

  • P-autonomy in the use of spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets);

  • P-familiarity with digital marketing concepts (ROI, PPC, multichannel analysis, Churn, CAC, conversion rate, funnel metrics and all these fancy KPIs).
  • Benefits:

    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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