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    Data privacy Specialist at IKEA Retail (London, UK)
    IKEA Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:


    As a person you are motivated to lead the organisation in understanding the value the function brings and how it makes a positive contribution to the business objectives. You strive for being able to provide real business value by driving compliance of country information assets. The IKEA Business and our values and how they apply to Data Privacy is your passion. You enjoy solving potential business risks by mitigating non-compliance and you have the energy to keep up-to-date with changing legislation and interpret the applicability to the country. Last but not least you share and live the IKEA culture and values.

    In this role you have at least 2 years of experience working directly with Data Privacy (projects/ programmes), you have expert knowledge of local data privacy legislation and what controls are needed to secure compliance as well as CIPP/x or equivalent qualification. We think you also have proven ability to promote the business benefits of Data Privacy, ability to demonstrate a risk-based approach to decisions concerning Data Privacy along with the ability to interpret steering documents and legislation and to understand how these need to be applied to your organisation. In addition, you find yourself self-reliant and motivated with proven ability to work as part of a team as well as independently with strong communication skills, being able to convey the message to the wide spectrum of co-worker.

    You have knowledge in following areas:

    expert knowledge of local Data Privacy legislation and how this impacts business operations

    • solid understanding of Privacy by Design and how to implement this concept within the local country

    • good knowledge of IKEA business processes and governance structures

    • good knowledge of the IT landscape at Ingka

    • understanding of the potential trade-offs between business needs and compliance requirements

    • of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people

    We believe that you are able to provide subject matter expertise to country stakeholders, ensuring they have the needed support and information available to identify and manage data privacy risks. You can also coordinate work across a variety of stakeholders and act with personal integrity, discretion, reliability and flexibility being a trusted business partner. The ability to communicate in an enthusiastic and engaging manner, adjusting the message and method depending on the target group is in your scope.


    As a Data Privacy Specialist you will implement the Data Privacy strategy in the country and drive compliance to relevant internal steering documents and regulatory requirements in Data Privacy in the country organisation in order to protect the brand. You will also operationalise Privacy by Design procedures and embed a Privacy by Design culture in the country.

    You will:

    • implement the Group Data Privacy strategy and common Group Digital goals in your country

    • secure the ‘Privacy by Design’ concept and integrate the function as a key business partner

    • be the speaking partner to the business for day to day Data Privacy issues, to enable successful navigation and compliance with our steering documents and local Data Privacy legislation

    • secure Personal Data Management activities such as Personal Data Inventory and Mapping are completed

    • secure the process for Individual Rights requests and ensure that this is followed

    • keep up-to-date on current and emerging trends and changes in legislation within the area of Data Privacy and applicability to the organization

    • compile and update a country risk register showing all Data Privacy risks

    • secure that local Privacy Impact Assessments are conducted to identify privacy requirements in new solutions and processes following the principles of ‘Privacy by Design’, and where applicable secure that Privacy Impact Assessments on existing solutions and processes are conducted

    • manage local suppliers in the full lifecycle of activity, from selection through to ongoing monitoring

    In this role you will report to the Information Security & Data Privacy Leader (or Data Privacy Leader where appropriate).


    To be the local business partner responsible for Digital, while working as a seamless part of the global Ingka Group Digital organization. Ensure IKEA Digital products and platforms are delivered with excellence to meet the needs of customers and co-workers in order to enhance the whole IKEA shopping experience.

    To secure effective Information Technology (IT) that supports IKEA business processes by maintaining, developing and supporting reliable, robust and efficient Digital products and platforms. Country Group Digital contributes to the growth of IKEA and improves the customer´s life at home. Country Digital also works together with all functions to ensure co-workers have the Digital tools and capabilities they need to do their best work.

    Ensure Digital deployments are done with excellence and in coordination with Central Group Digital (Central) and all other country functions.

    Skills required:


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