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    Data Engineer / Data Scientist (Junior) at Helloprint (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    Helloprint Employer
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Data Engineer 

    As a Data Engineer at Helloprint you make sure that Helloprint has top-notch data infrastructure (and data processes) to drive business success. You will work closely with other data engineers and our Data Analytics team to determine which data are needed for analysis. You build production-ready data applications, from data science and prediction pipelines to insightful web-based visualisations and marketing automations. You are the driver of automation and innovation with data.

    What you do

    • You transform large sets of different data sources into a data warehouse. You use Python, Postgres, Google Cloud Platform (Bigquery) and Jenkins within our ETL infrastructure. (open-source, have a look at

    • Build data visualization products to scale data access across the company;

    • Build predictive analytics in production, in collaboration with our data analysts;

    • You are responsible for our data infrastructure and choosing the right tools.

    Curious to find out what your regular Monday could look like as a Data Engineer/Scientist at Helloprint? Click here

    What we’re looking for

    • You have at least 1 year of experience in Software engineering;

    • You have a proven interest in data and algorithms and mind blowing knowledge on the following computer programming languages: Python, SQL;

    • You have experience working in an agile software development process;

    • You know how to rock in PostgreSQL, Bigquery,  MySQL/MariaDB and other data storage solutions;

    • Experience with data workflow orchestrators (Airflow, Luigi or similar) is a strong plus.

    • You have the ability to create match/sort/filter algorithms;

    • Knowledge of the following basic tools of software engineering: programming in multiple languages, HTTP and current web technologies, the unix command line (bash scripts, Makefiles) and basic server administration, version control systems, a basic understanding of the interplay between software and memory, hard discs and the CPU;

    • Basic understanding of mathematics and machine learning;

    • You love to automate everything;

    • You like to work in a team, and make team decisions;

    • Being able to work in a “fast-paced” and constantly changing environment;

    • You speak and write English fluently.

    What we offer

    • A competitive compensation, including a bonus arrangement for exceptional outperformance. Because when we win, we win together;

    • A unique challenge at one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies;

    • A fast-paced learning curve: you get big challenges instead of tasks to work on, which makes you learn faster;

    • A unique culture with 21 nationalities, an average age of 28 and an environment where freedom and responsibility are central;

    • The best office in Rotterdam, right on the “Witte de With”, the coolest street in Rotterdam. Only 5 minutes away from Rotterdam Central Station;

    • Compensation for travel costs;

    • Don't worry about food, that's on us; not only lunch, but also breakfast and dinner. Enough to keep you going all day;

    • 24/7 access to our gym;

    • Opportunities to grow, even into our Leadership Team. We don’t look for age or background, if you are extremely good, you will grow quickly;

    • The opportunity to make yourself better: Courses, events and more, if you want to develop, you have that opportunity;

    • The best hardware and software to work with, and a laptop of your preference (Apple or Windows);

    • Seriously: The best business bubbles, Team Events, our own HelloSkybar TM, do we need to say more?


    Flexible Hours
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