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    Data Engineer at Picnic (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    Picnic Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Picnic is an app-only supermarket. We rely on our Data Engineers to glean insights from large data sets and promote business intelligence. Working with next generation technologies they write the future of in-app grocery ordering. We’re on a quest for new Data Engineers to join our all-star team.

    Where you fit in 

    Picnic is data-driven. As one of our engineers, you play a critical role in each aspect of our business. From route planning, delivery of groceries, to analysing supply chains. You ensure that each level of our operation is supported, adjusted, and predicted with data.

    There’s no two ways about it – you’re a Data Wizard (or Witch). While manipulating data, you bring out detailed information and quirky insights. You find what others can’t and glean business opportunity from numbers. Collaborating with our analysts, you find practical solutions to persistent problems.

    By working towards a reliable data pipeline, you allow the team to mine and crunch data. You analyse, experiment, and promote statistics that pique your interest. Do you think you've spotted how to ensure our large fleet of electric vehicles is used in the most efficient way? Test, evaluate, and evolve your ideas alongside our dedicated Distribution team.

    More interested in customer behaviour? That’s fine – work on in-app analytics to ensure our mobile store remains smooth, speedy, and robust. You have the opportunity to work on what you love while writing the future of in-app grocery shopping!

    We’re using the Snowplow Framework to improve our store. If you want more motivation to apply, check out this case-study:

    What you do

    • Design, implement, and maintain scalable data pipelines

    • Collaborate with domain experts and analysts to solve data challenges

    • Develop advanced data reporting and visualizations

    • Apply data modelling methodologies and contribute to a robust data platform

    What you need

    • Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent

    • Experience with SQL and relational databases

    • Experience with one or more programming languages (Python or Java preferred)

    • Strong understanding of data models (Data Vault and Kimball) and data warehouses in general

    • Quality control: Commitment to excellence, performance, and efficiency

    • Critical thinking and initiative: Hands-on, nothing-is-impossible mindset

    • Mental athleticism: Highly analytical and curious intellect

    • Superb communication: Ability to articulate technical problems and projects to all teams

    Technologies we use

    • Python, Pentaho Data Integration with custom components developed in Java

    • Amazon Redshift (incl. Spectrum), Amazon Athena, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Tableau

    • Spark, Elastic MapReduce, Snowplow, Kinesis

    • AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vault

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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