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    Data Engineer at Glovo (Barcelona, Spain)
    Glovo Employer
    Barcelona, Spain
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    Barcelona, Spain

    Job Description:

    We are looking for talented and passionate Data Engineers to join the team in our Barcelona HQ.

    Data is at the heart of Glovo, with offices in over 6 countries (and many time-zones!). As a Data Engineer you will support the other teams such as Operations and Logistics (helping to assign orders to glovers, and glovers to working hours, in the optimal way), Customer Support (reducing fraud and improving efficiency) and Marketing (clustering users for retargeting and optimising budget spend).

    You will:

    • Maintain, expand and improve our ETL process (currently using Luigi, written in Python)

    • Maintain and improve our Redshift Data Warehouse.

    • Orchestration of Machine Learning pipelines

    • Import and transform data from many third-party APIs, and export data for partners

    • Assist in the integration with our dashboarding tool Looker

    • Assist with ad-hoc queries in MySQL and Redshift and porting queries between these dialects.

    • Schedule the ETL process and reporting (currently using Luigi, cron and Jenkins)


    • Professional or academic experience with data pipelines

    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

    • Proficiency in Python and a dialect of SQL

    • Experience with the use of bash and Linux

    • Data Warehousing Experience in Redshift or another distributed platform (e.g. Hadoop+Hive/Presto, BigQuery or Spark SQL)

    • Experience with task orchestration tools (Luigi, Azkaban, Airflow, etc.)

    • Good English

    • Our core values are very important to us:

      Gas: We think big and take calculated risks to go for all business opportunities, no matter how challenging they are! We work hard as a team and execute fast.

      Everyone Wins: We are here for the long run. Glovers, Partners and Users are on the very center of everything we do. If they win, Glovo wins. So for every decision, we make sure we are positively impacting them.

      Good vibes: Our teams are built of people that radiate positive energy and managers that are honest and fair. No assholes allowed! We stay optimistic no matter what, infecting each other with positivity, joy, and the desire to spend time together.

      Stay Humble: Always act humble: Everybody must roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to make our big plans a reality. We are tiny! We are conscious of how big the opportunity is and how much we’ve got left to do.

      Glownership: Act as one company—one team: Care first about Glovo, not your role or your department. Own your stuff, no question, but go beyond your role; help before you are asked. Everything you need to make things happen, you do it. Glow it!

      If you believe you match these values, we look forward to meeting you!


    • A ticket to the moon sitting on the fastest rocket - an adventure filled with challenges and professional growth

    • Offices based in trendy Poblenou (L4), 10 min away from the beach

    • Generous equity pack for all employees

    • Social benefits (such as fresh fruit every day, free Tuesday lunches from our yummy partners, beers on Fridays, bi-monthly culture days, the best coffee machine in the world,...)

    • A young, international and talented team, used to work in a fast paced and vibrant way 


    Flexible Hours
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