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    Data Analyst - Master Data Management at Prospect 33 (New York, NY)
    Prospect 33 Employer
    New York, NY
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    New York, NY

    Job Description:

    Prospect 33 is looking for a strong Data Analyst for one of our clients in New York, The Bank of New York Mellon.

    The area of the bank we are supporting, Client Data Operations, is vital in ensuring that all client data is documented and displayed accurately throughout the bank. Our team will be focused on finding the root cause of the incorrect data through communication and research. A vital part of our team's responsibilities will be to sit and interview stakeholders. Strong communication skills are a must for this program.

    We are actively looking to add a few consultants to our practice that can help drive this initiative.

    Working as part of the internal data team who manage the data around Client On-boarding. The team will be engaged to resolve data issues associated with the department.

    The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Management, Data Governance, or related Financial Services experience.


    1. Independently work with internal and external datasets, and client reference data, and contributes to the development of analytics models using technology tools and/or querying logic as necessary

    2. Understand Data Management principles and provides project management support for assigned tasks

    3. Interpret findings, prepares standard and ad-hoc reports and delivers results to management and/or other leaders. Provides recommendations for addressing observed outcomes

    4. Demonstrable experience unwinding complex data problems

    Technical Qualifications/Requirements:

    • Python

    • SQL

    • Excel

    • VBA

    • Alteryx 

    • All candidates must be able to provide 2-3 professional references

    You should have:

    • Strong innovative, problem-solving and analytical skills; a self-starter capable of functioning in an autonomous manner

    • Ability to work across groups and functions

    • Ability to translate between Operational and Technical requirements

    For resume submissions please email to [email protected]


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