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    Customer Support Specialist at Doxly (Indianapolis, IN)
    Doxly Employer
    Indianapolis, IN
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    Full Time
    Indianapolis, IN

    Job Description:

    Job Summary

    Doxly, a leading legal transaction workflow management software as a service solution, is seeking a Customer Support Specialist to respond to our customer inquiries and technical issues. Doxly’s platform is a mission-critical system, and we are looking for someone to support our west-coast clients, which entails a10 AM PST to 6 PM PST (1-9 PM EST).

    Doxly’s Customer Success team is looking for a top-notch support person who enjoys working with customers to solve issues and provide solutions. This individual will provide process, software and integration support to Doxly’s customers by researching, troubleshooting and answering questions via email and telephone. Additionally, this individual will work with other functional areas within Doxly to achieve resolutions and build the knowledge base.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    • Maintain and develop expert product knowledge for various Doxly products

    • Answer product and/or process related questions posed by the customer base via email or phone calls

    • Troubleshoot reported issues, develop a resolution plan and guide our customer through the corrective steps

    • Escalate technical issues to the appropriate team for investigation and work with our product manager and engineers to understand and resolve complex issues

    • Provide frequent, meaningful updates to customer regarding issue resolution status based on defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    • Follow up on tickets at pre-defined intervals until they are resolved

    • Provide workarounds in the event permanent resolutions will take extended periods of time

    • Work with other Doxly departments to resolve customer issues that require a higher level of subject matter expertise while maintaining ownership throughout the resolution process

    • Update and maintain the Knowledge Base as new features and products are introduced

    • Maintain a professional and helpful demeanor throughout resolution process

    • Identify challenges and trends and recommend changes to improve personal and team performance

    • Turn customer feedback into actionable recommendations for our product team

    • Close the feedback loop with users when bugs are resolved and feature requests are implemented

    • Train customers on tools when needed, and inform them about additional service options

    • Support other departments with projects as needed, such as testing the product and providing data

    • Continually focus on improving our support processes as we scale

    • Contribute to 24/7/365 on-call support

    Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    • Excellent customer service skills - the ability to communicate clearly and concisely while also empathetic, accurate, compassionate, resourceful and conscientious

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience or aptitude

    • 2+ years of enterprise software support experience troubleshooting issues and providing solutions to an externally facing customer base, preferably in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment

    • Deep understanding of technical and usability logic within a software or SaaS platform

    • Positive attitude and warm personality that shines through in customer interactions

    • Strong and proven written and verbal skills

    • Experience in a team-oriented environment, with the ability to apply yourself independently as well

    • Comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment

    • Have a "DELIGHT customer" attitude and love being a part of a close-knit team

    Desired Qualifications

    • Legal industry experience is a plus

    • Zendesk Case Management experience

    Skills required:


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