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    Computer Vision Engineer at mycujoo (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    mycujoo Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Role:  Computer Vision engineer

    Department:  Technology

    Reports to:  Director of Technology

    Status:  Full time, based in Amsterdam

    Our platform reaches millions of users every month. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to help us architect, build and maintain fault tolerant and scalable delivery systems.  As a trade off you’ll get the chance to work in a technology environment no other company has (we leave it up to you to decide if this is something that excites you ).

    At the moment are looking for a Computer Vision engineer. As you’ve probably seen by now, we work with quite independent teams. This often also means that we use different technologies per team. Yes, this means as well that you get the freedom to experiment with new technologies.

    What makes us unique is the fact that we turned around our ways of working - we started creating teams around features rather than functions. We create independence through an event driven architecture and empower success through cross functional teams.

    As a Computer Vision Engineer at mycujoo you will work on cutting-edge features such as auto panning, object detection & tracking, highlight detection, statistics extraction plus many more!

    We are looking for someone that is enthusiastic, eager to learn and has an open mind.

    Other things we can’t avoid mentioning and technically would make you a match made in heaven:

    • C/C++ and Python

    • OpenCV, tensorflow/keras

    • CNN, SVM, Adaboost

    • Computer Vision Background

    • Object detection, classification and tracking

    • Git / Code versioning

    Some nice to haves:

    • RNN, LSTM network

    • Camera Calibration

    • Sensor synchronisation

    • Scientific background

    • Image segmentation

    • Sound Analysis

    • AWS, Google Cloud

    • Mechanical Turk

    Why would you want to join us?

    Obviously, we have Friday drinks, fun events, and a foosball table (surprise, surprise ).  And, yes, we give you flexibility, responsibility, challenging projects, and we are great colleagues. What makes us unique?! The opportunity to turn an industry upside-down and to shape the future of global sports communities - something you can be super proud of and tell all your friends about it.

    Closely connected to sports, we team up and like challenges! We work hard, but we also take care of each other. Balance is part of our lives - no matter if it’s family, workouts (before, during & after work), fun events (pictures speak more than words!), or anything else that makes you happy… Together, we go for the win - conquering the world, creating more value for our communities, step by step.

    So...are you in?


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