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    Cloud Native Developer (m/f/d) for our Dynamic Routing Team at MOIA GmbH (Hamburg, Deutschland)
    MOIA GmbH Employer
    Hamburg, Deutschland
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Hamburg, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    We are looking for a highly skilled software engineer (m/f/d) focused on cloud native technologies to craft our dynamic routing system.

    The dynamic routing system your team is building is an essential part of MOIA's business model. The system helps us to optimise how our customers get most efficiently from A to B with the objective to avoid cars traveling only with a single passenger and reduce congestion in the cities. You will solve optimisation problems and decide which vehicle picks up which passenger taking into consideration travel time, the fleet state, vehicle capacity and other constraints. Apart from the algorithmic and theoretical modeling you will ensure that the delivered software meets the highest engineering quality in terms of testability, performance and technical architecture suitable for real-time use. You will be part of a cross-functional team comprising software engineers, geospatial computation engineers, AWS experts and product owners.

    What you will do

    • As a backend developer you will decide on technologies and solutions to build and maintain a microservice infrastructure

    • With your mindful analytical approach you build simple yet effective applications

    • You are not afraid to bring your code to production in a reproducible and highly automated approach

    • You transfer your knowledge and are keen to absorb information from others

    • You participate in a cross-functional team and pair with others with different expertise to solve problems

    • You participate in feature squads with developers, quality engineers, designers and stakeholders from other teams

    • We strongly believe in continuous delivery of small product increments. You will be part of a team that works this way by using automated and exploratory testing

    You will be successful in this position if

    Our ideal candidate has 17-32 years of experience in software development and just graduated college (just kidding, apply if this job description appeals to you :-)).

    You strive to build services that run 24/7 without interruptions. You are the one we are looking for if you have an analytical mindset with a hands-on production focused attitude backed by a modern approach on software development. You test in a sensible manner and try to enable everyone to collaborate and improve upon what you build. You are not afraid to challenge ideas and practices with others and fix things that you see.

    • Experience in cloud native technologies (e.g. AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Go, Kotlin)

    • Knowledgeable in inter-service communication and protocols (e.g. gRPC, Protobuf, REST)

    • Knowledgeable in microservice infrastructure (e.g. loose coupling, schema evolution of protocols, back pressure and circuit breaking, monitoring, tracing, logging)

    • Affinity to learn new ways and languages

    • Strong focus on code and product quality

    • Fluent communication skills in English


    Flexible Hours
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