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    C++ Software Engineer at All Options (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    All Options Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    You speak modern C++ fluently, but still know when raw pointers arithmetic is the right tool. Also, if you are able to harness the power of C++ type system to produce reliable code, we are looking for you.

    You like to manage yourself, your time and your results. You are autonomous and independent, you don’t need a manager to set the standards, because yours are already high. If you happen to be interested in financial markets, we will not mind at all.

    You will be in the team that develops apps in C++ for our trading platform software provider. Currently we use clang 3.8 with C++14.

    Top priority for our code is being robust. That's why we borrow generously from the world of Functional Programming. Boost Hana, types generation, templates and lambdas all over the place - our C++ is far from C with classes. Vast class hierarchies and boring OOP patterns are not what you will find in our codebase.

    We respect your time as well as our own, so we keep things simple. You should expect a 15 minute call with our developers to see if there is a mutual interest. If that is the case, things get serious.

    About the first 6 months

    The mission of our development department is to turn the dreams of the traders into a profitable reality.

    In the first couple of months, you will deliver simple tasks with full support from the team, like small changes in existing apps. You will learn our systems and processes (engines, apps, proprietary additions to our software).

    When you are ready, you become responsible for delivering more complex solutions. You develop simple accessory apps and negotiate changes with traders.

    Soon, you will be ready to deliver innovative solutions and creative ideas, work directly with traders. You gather requirements and traders’ perspective and translate them into technical implementation; you send orders to the exchange.

    You will receive constantly feedback for improvement from your colleagues on the quality of your code and the delivery time. You will be intellectually challenged and you will grow in a fast paced, autonomous and friendly environment with people who are smart and creative.

    If you know how to make something great with what's already there AND when to bring in a new cool technology, let’s have a talk.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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