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    C++ Software Developer at Amped Software (Trieste, Italy)
    Amped Software Employer
    Trieste, Italy
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Trieste, Italy

    Job Description:


    • Add new features to our products' codebase (Windows based desktop applications) and contribute to the development of new products

    • Operate at every layer of the application, from graphical interface down to the algorithmic core

    • Correct bugs and improve existing features in the products

    • Contribute to improve code quality and documentation, add new automated tests to our test suite


    • Professional English proficiency

    • Experience with the C++ programming language

    • Precise and detail-oriented attitude

    • Good written communications skills

    • Must be a European Citizen

    Preferential Requisites:

    • Experience with the libraries wxWidgets, OpenCV, FFmpeg

    • Experience with GPU development

    • Knowledge of image processing basics

    • Knowledge of video codecs

    • Knowledge of Italian language or other additional languages

    • Experience in the digital forensics field, as a forensic image and video analyst, law enforcement, military, or forensic expert 


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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