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    Business Development
    Rahul T. Employer

    Project Description:

    Prerequisites:If you are NOT looking for a traditional 10 - 6 job and love to explore deepest possibilities in technology by your devotion and passion, we would love to take you on board.Being a startup, which is targeting very aggressive growth in next couple of months. We are looking for some very passionate people, for whom work remains a priority over anything else.Conditions:1. We do not have any office/lab and stuff like that, but we'll have weekly meetings and discussions.2. If you are doing this for a certificate, we recommend you NOT to apply. It is about the passion in renewable energy and a feeling to inspire people to use renewable energy based products and switch to a better source of energy. We'll give certificates, T-Shirts and other goodies anyway.3. Should be able to interact with rural communities if needed and conduct a survey as and when required (expenses will be covered by us.Intern Location: Bangalore, MumbaiIf you satisfy above terms and if you can sustain aggressive, pressure and fun ecology of a startup, then join us at the meet.P.S. - We love to see social media profiles of candidates (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) to better understanding nature and attitude of person.  Kindly provide links for the same.Send out all your details (informal CV and personal profile links) to [email protected]  and feel free to ask and doubts/queries before you decide to apply.Also, join us on social media:Facebook: