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    Build Service Engineer at Neo4j (Malmö, Sweden)
    Neo4j Employer
    Malmö, Sweden
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    Malmö, Sweden

    Job Description:

    Here at Neo4j, building our software is at the heart of what we do. We are looking for a Build Service engineer to maintain and develop Neo4j’s business critical CI infrastructure, as well as consult on build engineering matters for the growing development team in Europe.

    You should be comfortable operating a 24/7 service which enables the product engineers at Neo4j to build and release the world’s premier graph database. Continuous integration is fundamental at Neo4j, as it should be for a rock-solid software product. The ability to compile and test code is essential for engineers to validate their work, and our automated release processes ensures software reaches customers like clockwork.

    Because Neo4j is available on all major platforms, candidates should be comfortable on Linux, Mac and Windows, because our CI integrates all those. Traditional system administrator skills are welcome, and programming skills in e.g. Python are necessary due to our reliance on automation.

    We use TeamCity from JetBrains with appropriate automation and customisation. Especially handy features are that it allows us to scale out on cloud (AWS) and it allows programmatic access via REST and some configuration files. It is backed by a Postgres database, so candidates should be effective with that, but there is no need to be a database admin. Both run on Ubuntu. Build agents on the other hand are on disperate hardware.

    You will ->

    • Maintain Teamcity infrastructure

    • Ensure TeamCity is up and running with high availability, it is a business critical service

    • Ensure TeamCity is up to date with new features and fixes

    • Ensure the database is up to date with new features and fixes

    • Ensure operating systems are up to date

    • Ensure development teams have the hardware they need available, along with the software dependencies they require. This includes cloud based computers as well as good old fashioned racks of physical boxes.

    • Be responsive to incoming requests and questions

    • Send out regular bulletins to keep devs up to speed w what is going on

    • Set direction and inform on future developments, this could be adoption of Docker or Bazel, adoption of SaaS solutions - we do not expect 5 years of Bazel experience obviously, but quickly learning and applying good analytical skills is something that is needed, and something that makes this role exciting and challenging

    • Set direction and inform on good practices for how to parallelize test running and make effective use of our large computer footprint. The Neo4j development team relies on you to help them take the software and processes from their laptops and onto an enterprise grade CI system

    We are looking for candidates who have - >

    • Broad experience and the ability to quickly gain more. You will be the avant garde and people will look to you for leadership

    • Detailed experience of Linux, bash and Python

    • An effective approach to managing Windows

    • Great analytical skills - we produce complex software with equally complex CI infrastructure

    • Knowledge of good practices around running systems in a secure and predictable manner

    • Experience with cloud computing, ideally AWS

    • Experience with CI systems

    The ideal candidate would - >

    • Have the ability to learn quickly, as the role is quite independent but at the same time critical - the buck stops with you

    • Prior experience with AWS, TeamCity, Postgres

    Our vision:

    At Neo4j we have always strived to help the world make sense of data.

    As business, society and knowledge become increasingly connected, our technology promotes innovation by helping organizations to find and understand data relationships between people, processes, locations and systems. We create, drive, and are at the forefront of innovation in the Graph Database category; and we’re disrupting how organizations leverage their data to innovate and stay competitive.

    We are here to stay:

    Neo4j is well-funded with a recent series E round of $80M, led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, and One Peak Partners. Creandum, the earliest investor in Spotify, is a long-term Neo4j investor.

    We have over 300 customers including Airbus, Comcast, eBay, NASA, UBS, and Walmart; more than 75% of the Fortune 100 have used Neo4j.


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