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    BI Engineer at trivago N.V. (Düsseldorf, Germany)
    trivago N.V. Employer
    Düsseldorf, Germany
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    Düsseldorf, Germany

    Job Description:

    Do you want the chance to be one of the engineers dedicated to running advanced ETL jobs across 100+ machines, bridging the gap between Business Intelligence and Data Engineering, and enabling trivago's BI teams to deliver insights, data and reports to internal and external stakeholders?
    Our BI team is looking for skilled and courageous engineers, who are not scared at the prospect of working with such huge data and complex structures, but cannot wait to get stuck in.
    If this sounds like you, then read on…

    Meet James and hear more about the job:

    What you'll do:

    • Design, implement and schedule reporting pipelines.

    • Maintain and optimize existing data transformation processes.

    • Solve issues on production data systems and pipelines and fix bugs on production systems.

    • Support Analysts in using tools such as Spark, Hive, or Impala.

    • Align with Data Engineering for new solutions and applications to solve new reporting challenges.

    • ETL (extract, transform load) processes.

    What you'll definitely need:

    • At least 1 year experience working in IT, Operations, DBA or report development, ideally with a focus on data.

    • Strong knowledge of SQL and at least a basic familiarity of the general tools and principles of software engineering.

    • An educational background in Software Engineering, at apprenticeship level or higher.

    • Soft skills (personal traits suited to the role - data-drive, team player, multi-tasker etc.)

    • To speak fluent English (our company language).

    What we'd love you to have:

    • 1+ years' work experience in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, QA, or a relevant field, this can also include internships.

    • Good knowledge of Hive, Oozie and Sqoop.

    • Basic knowledge of Git and Shell.

    • An understanding of Java, Yarn and Spark.

    Why the role is cool:

    • The chance to move from data to big data. This role offers the opportunity to work with the latest big data infrastructure on our own hadoop cluster, working with terabytes of data in realtime and batch processing.

    • Gain experience with the fundamentals of big data and develop your skills with the opportunity to also explore other methods of improving our data processing and handling.

    • Work alongside a team of experienced data engineers who experiment and deploy production workflows be an integral part of trivagos data pipeline.

    • Work on stream technologies, such as stream processors and get involved with teams working on our cloud infrastructure (AWS and Google technologies).

    Life at trivago is:

    • The belief that factual proof, not seniority, determines which path to take.

    • Self-determined working hours based on measuring productivity through goals

    • rather than number of hours spent in the office

    • Being supported in all your needs, including relocation assistance and language

    • classes for international arrivals

    • The freedom to embrace small-scale failures as a path to large-scale success

    • The opportunity to develop personally and professionally with regular free workshops,

    • seminars, sports and activities

    • The ability to push your ideas through to execution without being held back by bureaucracy

    Additional information:

    • This is a fixed term position of 1 year with a long-term perspective. trivago N.V. is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from individuals with disabilities are welcome.

    Skills required:


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