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    Backend - Join us and help build revolutionary cancer therapies at Anocca AB (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Anocca AB Employer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Job Description:

    Are you interested in something different, working with cutting-edge, state of the art technology to fight cancer and save lives?

    Have you ever considered applying your knowledge and experience of digital technology for the development of advanced medical therapies?

    Do you have a can-do attitude, are you adaptable and capable of thinking outside the box?

    Would you like to work in a small but integral team where you have the chance to make a real impact?

    Then you might be the right person to join and grow Anocca’s Informatics and Automation Core. 

    The Role

    Anocca is looking for software developers / engineers to join a small but integral team, to convert, expand, and build an in-house informatics and automation platform. This integrates and supports the physical immunotechnology platform (biological), executed by the laboratory personnel.

    Applicants will be exposed to the forefront of biological and medical research, automation, and bioinformatics. Being a small to midsize company we are looking for people that are capable of adapting and moving quickly, who have multiple talents and can fulfil multiple roles as needed. Anocca is growing rapidly, with digitisation at the core of everything we do, so the growth in responsibility for the right person could be extensive.

    Currently the digital platform consists of an extensive API built in Django and GraphQL with a React front-end.

    What you will do:

    • Design, develop and maintain a scalable backend in Django and PostgreSQL

    • Expose a modern API in GraphQL for consumption by internally facing applications that support our laboratory personnel

    • Build an application capable of handling large quantities of biological and research derived data

    • Operating infrastructure, toolsets and deployment pipelines

    • Interact with laboratory staff and other end users to gather input and feedback on the necessary functions, features and applications required by each major team

    Who you are:

    • You are passionate about delivering high quality software

    • You are fluent in Python and have experience with the Django Framework

    • You have knowledge and experience in designing relational database systems

    • You keep up with best practices and apply that to your work

    • You care about coding standards and writing readable and consistent code

    • You are comfortable working in a Linux environment

    • You work seamlessly with Git

    • You have strong English communication skills and documentation ethic

    Desirable but not necessary:

    • Some biology background

    • Machine learning and data analysis

    Please submit CV and cover letter in English. Ideally, the applicant should be located in or near Stockholm, Sweden, although applicants in EU will be considered. The position is in-house and remote work is not an option.


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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