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    Backend Developer at Bending Spoons (Milano, Italy)
    Bending Spoons Employer
    Milano, Italy
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    Full Time
    Milano, Italy

    Job Description:

    We're young (3 years of activity, average age 28 years old), but we've achieved explosive growth: the apps that we’ve invented, developed, and published have been downloaded more than 40 million times, and millions of people use them every week. If you're incredibly talented, ambitious, hard-working, and you never settle for second spot, Bending Spoons is your dream company. Join our mission: becoming the #1 app creators in the world. We promise it's going to be the ride of a lifetime.

    What’s in store for you:

    • Work on big products. Every time you push your code, or come up with a new feature for one of our apps, that change will get in the hands of millions of people. Your work matters big time. [Our apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times.]

    • Work with the best and brightest. We're extremely selective and it's going to be tough for you to get in. The upside is that you'll be surrounded with the most talented and passionate people you'll ever meet. [Less than 1% of applicants make it through our selection.]

    • Work with the latest technologies and tools. Python, Swift, reactJS, MongoDB, and Redis are only some of the languages, frameworks, and technologies we use every day, Alfred and Slack our favorite tools. [Obsolete technologies and crappy tools are banned here.]

    • Learn and grow. Acquire a rare and sought-after blend of technical mastery and product vision. Understand what users will pay for, and how to give it to them in the fastest way possible. [Be involved in product development from day one.]

    Despite our early success, there's still a long way to go to fulfil our über ambitious mission. Be an early member of a legendary team.

    Learn more about Bending Spoons and apply directly on our website.


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