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    Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Software Development at AnyVision (London, UK)
    AnyVision Employer
    London, UK
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    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    About The Position

    AnyVision Research UK is a world leading team of scientists and engineers that creates AI for the Real World. With deployments and clients spanning the globe, we are recognised as leaders in the fields of Face Recognition, Object Recognition, Object Detection, and Visual Target Tracking. As we grow in scope and ambition we invite highly motivated, world class applied researchers to apply to join our team.

    AnyVision is dedicated to providing a diverse and flexible work environment so that we can recruit and retain the best talent. Working for AnyVision you will:

    • Be a part of a diverse, multinational and inclusive team

    • Receive challenging work and assignments

    • Receive world class training and experience on cutting edge systems and complex projects

    • Be supported by a flexible and supportive work environment

    You are

    A talented and motivated applied researcher with a strong interest in both researching and incorporating your work into real-world software systems. You are also passionate about the impact that AI is having in the world and you want to be part of it. You have completed a degree in a scientific or engineering discipline. You can adapt to new environments and solve new problems quickly. You are adept at producing innovative solutions based on real-world product requirements. You have strong communication and teamwork skills and a track record of conducting research in a relevant numerical discipline in academia or industry.

    You will

    Aid in the design, development, integration and deployment of algorithms for our cutting edge AI vision analytics platform. You may work on problems such as pattern-of-life-learning/behaviour understanding, anomaly detection, target estimation/tracking, and 3D model reconstruction. You will be responsible for prototyping, implementing and profiling algorithms (speed and accuracy), identifying bottlenecks which may require further research, documenting the development/deployment, and reporting results both internally and externally.

    We are especially interested in talking to candidates who are excited about seeing their work used to make a difference in the real-world and who have a passion for solving key challenges in areas as diverse as security, healthcare and sports analytics.



    • PhD in electrical/electronic engineering, machine learning, computer science or similar, OR; Minimum 3 years of experience of conducting research in an academic or industrial setting.

    • Experience and ability to work with academic literature

    • Strong mathematical background

    • Strong C++ and/or Python

    • Linux experience

    Desirable skills:

    • Source control

    • Knowledge of good software engineering principles

    • Prior experience with OpenCV or Computer Vision

    • Experience of machine learning frameworks (pyTorch, Caffe, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn)

    • Experience developing for hardware devices such as GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, embedded Linux.

    • CUDA/OpenCL/Halide


    • Highly competitive salary and regular salary reviews

    • Technical training

    • Contributory pension scheme

    • Private healthcare

    • Gym membership

    • Flexible working

    • Regular company social events and activities

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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