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    Are you our new smart DevOps engineer? at Storebrand (Lysaker, Norway)
    Storebrand Employer
    Lysaker, Norway
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    Full Time
    Lysaker, Norway

    Job Description:

    Do you like solving problems in new ways and working with people who know more than you about many different things?

    The Storebrand Group is a leading player in the Nordic market for long-term savings and insurance. We manage more than NOK 700 billion, making Storebrand Norway's largest asset manager, and more than 1,2 million trust Storebrand as their preferred pension provider. We have worked for a long time to ensure that we all have a future to look forward to, and we would like to be there for our customers when they make the most important economic decisions of their life. It’s not easy to get people excited about pension, but it shouldn’t be impossible, should it?

    By utilizing modern principles for management and utilization of our infrastructure, we can provide new functionality for our customers every day. Our platform is based on Linux, Cloud, OpenSource and a high degree of automation. It’s always possible to become better at what we do, and that’s why we are looking for you, who can help us with the next steps to increase our automation degree, increase the robustness of our systems and lower our costs.

    You are a dedicated and passionate developer who likes to work with challenges closely related with servers and networks. Through automation and the use of Open Source components, you will develop robust solutions. You prefer to stay on top of all things new happening in your field, and you like to share your knowledge and ideas with your colleagues.

    Who are we?

    The Platform team in Digital and Innovation has ten permanent employees and a handful of consultants. We are developing our DevOps toolkit and have the responsibility for our system platform, such as APIs and web applications that this sits on top of. This includes version control, build and deploy processes for routing, load balancing, integrations, log-in routines, certificates, logs, surveillance, and a shared framework. We work closely with our teams who make the solutions that our customers use. We are now moving our applications into the cloud, and this gives us great possibilities. We are rebuilding our toolkit and the degree of automation will increase as the servers, networks and certificates also are treated as code. Most importantly: Our developers can become more efficient and self-sufficient.

    As our DevOps engineer you will have a great impact on the development of our technology and design choices, and have the possibility to immerse yourself within the following:

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Kubernetes Engine with Istio as the environment for all applications

    • Continuous integration and continuous delivery

    • Automated configuration of databases, queues, secrets, routing, certificates and more

    • Puppet, Python, Helm og similar to treat infrastructure as code

    • Google Stackdriver and Grafana for logs og monitoring

    In addition to responsibilities within Cloud and DevOps, we also have exciting responsibilities within:

    Security and OAuth2/OpenID Connect

    • Elasticsearch, HAProxy, Envoy and Nginx

    • Infrastructure architecture

    • Development of fail tolerant and robust solutions

    • Java, Jetty, Spring, REST and other integration patterns

    Personal qualities:

    You promote agility, new ideas and proper craftmanship.

    You like to work with others, and you would like to take part in an active and curious work-environment. It is our true belief that DevOps functions the best when compose our teams of people with different backgrounds, and we especially encourage you to apply if you feel that you can contribute to us becoming an even more diverse and inclusive team.

    Formal qualifications:

    • Bachelor or master’s degree in IT or other relevant fields

    • Experience within system development, web infrastructure or securing Internet solutions

    • A desire to push the boundaries for what new technology can be used for

    • A drive to design, develop and take responsibility for deliveries from the team.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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