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    Android Software Developer (f/m) at BMW Group (Ulm, Deutschland)
    BMW Group Employer
    Ulm, Deutschland
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    Full Time
    Ulm, Deutschland

    Job Description:

    BMW Car IT GmbH lives and breathes software. As a fully-owned subsidiary of BMW AG we are a cornerstone in the company"s transition into the next 100 years where software plays a crucial role. One of our many areas of activity is the development of Android-based solutions that connect to and integrate with functions in the car. You will be part of an experienced international team, working with agile software development processes and standard design methods. You will gain significant experience in the complete “stack”: all the way from Android device down to electronic control units distributed throughout the car. Best of all, you will be able to use the results of your work in actual BMWs!


    - Bachelor"s degree in computer science or a comparable field.
    - You know Java, you can do object-oriented software development – and you can convince our developers that you’ve got these skills.
    - Demonstrable experience with Android: you’ve built custom UIs, done network communication, stored data and optimized app performance. More than once.
    - You don’t have to be a C++ expert, but you can hammer out a bit of usable C++ code if asked to.
    - Experience with several of the following: unit testing, code reviews, continuous integration, git, UML, UI design and usability, reactive programming, working with external teams, Scrum.
    - Teamwork and communication skills: you are a team player, not a one-person army.
    - Business-fluent English. German would be an advantage.
    - Customer orientation and a high degree of personal initiative.

    Skills required:


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