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    Android Developer (m/f/d) for our Operations Apps Teams at MOIA GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)
    MOIA GmbH Employer
    Hamburg, Germany
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    Hamburg, Germany

    Job Description:

    We are deeply invested in Android technologies.

    So when Gingerbread, Kitkat & Lollipop are not just sweets for you, but great new treats of your past then check these things as well, you:

    • know your Git and Gradle

    • speak English and Kotlin (and ideally German as well)

    • have a degree in Computer Science and a minimum of 3 years of programming experience

    • don’t fear Foldables (and can tell us why and what they even are)

    • like to interact with fellow Developers, Product Owners, Designers and other Stakeholders

    • call the Android SDK your home, but strive for AndroidX/Jetpack

    • like to share your knowledge (Android Meetups or Droidcons anyone?)

    • care about a well maintained, scalable and tested codebase

    • have a certain eye for product- and UI-quality as well

    What you will do

    Our Operations domain has the goal to build the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet operations in the world.

    • You will work in a bottom-up managed, autonomous, cross-functional team, that will continuously test new ideas and evaluate their potential.

    • You and your team will work like a startup and take ownership of the whole development cycle - from ideation over design to implementation, quality assurance and maintenance.

    • Build solutions that integrate deeply with our own fleet of vehicles.

    • The Android apps in our Operations domain are going to be used by thousands of drivers and service staff in a stressful and hectic environment where every second counts. Therefore they need to be rock stable, always up to date and safe and intuitive to use in every situation.

    • The software you will be working on is an integral part of our ridesharing solutions and defines our quality of service.

    So, grab your Jetpack and let’s have an instant Pie.

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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