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    Android Developer at Picnic (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    Picnic Employer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Full Time
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Job Description:

    Picnic is an app-only supermarket. Our customers expect a mobile store that is smooth and bug-free. We’re on a quest for innovative Android developers to push creative features while retaining simplicity

    Where you fit in 

    Picnic’s customers rely on the mobile app. They use it to buy their fresh, high quality, and weekly groceries. Our developers make their interaction quick and seamless - not a finger marathon!

    As an Android Developer at Picnic you’ll be working with Kotlin. We saw its potential in 2016 and embraced it. This reflects our mindset - pushing design to be simple and functional with a relentless focus on innovation. Check out our stats:

    • 4.41 star rating

    • 99.5% crash free sessions

    Not bad. But you can help us do better.

    You are accountable for maintaining an easy-to-use, reliable app. When updates are released, you roll them out to users and track their activity for bugs. A smooth app is vital. Critical bugs lead to; no deliveries, empty cupboards, and unhappy customers.

    Using hands-on experience with the product development cycle you constantly test, evolve, and evaluate our features. You collaborate with designers to bring their prototypes into a functional reality. Real customers test the app in our user-testing lab giving you the opportunity to trial new features each week.

    You’re ready to meet ambiguous requirements to ensure a smooth, elegant and user-friendly experience for all our customers!

    We don’t hide our developments. We open-source with the community that helped us grow. If you require more motivation to apply - check out our page:

    What you do

    • Implement new features in our Android app while improving and iterating on existing features to be A/B tested weekly by real customers

    • Work with the backend team to ensure APIs are integrated and properly tested

    • Constantly search for the best user experience

    • Apply your knowledge to ensure a competitive and successful app

    • Ensure efficiency and creativity at each step of the product development cycle

    What you need

    • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or equivalent

    • 2+ years of experience with Android in API level 16 and up

    • Strong Java and Android SDK development skills

    • Interest in Kotlin

    • Strong understanding of the Android ecosystem and its design patterns

    • Mental athleticism: Highly analytical and curious intellect

    • Superb communication: Ability to articulate technical problems and projects to all teams

    • Critical thinking and initiative: Hands-on, nothing-is-impossible mindset

    • For bonus points: Open-source contributions or projects

    Technologies we use

    • Java, Kotlin, RxJava

    • Dagger, MVP, Robolectric

    • Espresso, Mockito

    Skills required:


    Flexible Hours
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