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    ACP Team DevOps at The Home Office (London, UK)
    The Home Office Employer
    London, UK
    Job Type
    Job Location
    Full Time
    London, UK

    Job Description:

    What is ACP - Application Container Platform

    This is a leading edge platform as a service system (PaaS), providing production grade Dev Ops capability across 50+ Home Office services, giving us the capability to achieve high velocity production releases, you will be working at the leading edge of AWS toolsets deploying containerised apps into an enterprise grade Kubernetes platform.

    Job description

    The DevOps is responsible for maintaining and supporting our platforms. Your role is proactive, checking relevant metrics and performing platform updates when necessary. This will ensure it is accessible to users and has capacity for production and deployment.

    Upon request, you will also advise developers on how to use the platform effectively, reviewing and advising on their CI/CD pipelines. You may also work to deliver components of new platforms. Further details of this exciting opportunity are available in the candidate pack for this role.


    Your key day to day responsibilities will be: 

    • Writing scripts to deliver/work with our platforms, such as developing docker/terraform/ansible files for a variety of systems/frameworks.

    • Providing technical support functions, solving more challenging platform use and configuration issues.

    • Providing feedback to project teams on platform use; supporting routine monitoring activities.

    • Advising developers on how they should use existing systems and configure CI/CD pipelines.

    • Ensuring working to our appropriate standards, ensuring high service quality

    To apply for this role please go to the Civil Service Jobs advert and click "Apply Now".  This role is open until 26 January.


    Flexible Hours
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