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    3D Software Developer at Cesium (Philadelphia, PA)
    Cesium Employer
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Full Time
    Philadelphia, PA

    Job Description:

    Do you love computer graphics and real-time rendering? Do you want to ship code that shades quadrillions of pixels for millions of users every month?

    Join us in pushing forward the 3D mapping world by playing a major role in our WebGL runtime engine and C++ content pipeline for tiling for massive real-world models. You’ll work alongside our experienced team who will invest in you to help you achieve your career and personal growth goals.

    At Cesium we’re building an end-to-end platform for creating 3D mapping and visualization applications that are fast and highly accurate. We want data providers and app developers to be able to easily render massive heterogeneous datasets online and on a globe, create beautiful visualizations, run detailed and precise analysis, and ultimately better use and understand the data being collected around them. You’ll improve this platform, enhance existing features and functionality, and add new ones dreamt up by yourself, our team, and our clients.

    Are you interested in any of the following areas? (Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know them all!)

    • 3D engine design or content pipelines

    • Applying your math skills to interesting graphics problems and graph algorithms, such as mesh optimization or A* search

    • Creating graphics industry standards

    • Code optimization

    • JavaScript or C++

    • WebGL or glTF

    You should love envisioning new features, having ownership, exploring new technologies, reading papers, and shipping code.

    At Cesium you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to open-source projects, present at conferences, write articles, and contribute to graphics industry standards. We want your work to benefit the entire field, not just our team.

    This position is open to recent grads and professionals alike and is based out of our Philadelphia office.

    Sound like fun? Send us an email with a short note about why you’re interested in this position and your resume to [email protected]

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    Flexible Hours
    Letter of Recommendation
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