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    Campus Ambassador Program - 2018

    Become your Campus CEO

    About Campus Ambassador Programme

    Gradbee plans to grow its student community through its Campus Ambassador programme and aims to cross over 1 million college students, organizations, entrepreneurs and startup enthusiast across the globe through its platform. The core purpose of our Campus CEOs is to promote this platform in their Campuses among their friends and Batchmates so that we can together create a better student organization ecosystem.

    Duties of a CEO

    Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other - John F. Kennedy

    Connecting College

    Acting as a link between your college / university and yourself.

    Grow Student Community

    Sharing Gradbee with your college friends & Batchmates.

    Get Set Hired

    You never know you might end up working with big brands!

    Student Connect

    Connect with other students to team up for your next project or startup.

    Incentives and Rewards


    Certificate signed by the founders of Gradbee on successful completion of the tenure.

    Gradbee Hall Of Fame

    Get a permanent seat in the Gradbee’s HALL OF FAME.

    Internship & LoR

    An internship offer and an LoR (Letter of Recommendation) on extra-ordinary showcase of work from Gradbee.

    Featured Profile

    Your Gradbee profile gets featured with a campus CEO tag.